Our Work: Certified Property Inspector from Central Florida

The older a property is, the more likely it is that its walls conceal problems. However, even newer properties can have issues with building codes, mold, and so on. That's why it's crucial to have your building examined by an inspector before buying, selling, or renting. The information gathered by an inspection can also be useful for insurance and maintenance purposes, among other things.

As a certified property inspector in Central Florida, we have extensive experience in finding hidden problems. Not only do we have a deep understanding of local regulations, but also we have the practical skills necessary to catch issues that untrained eyes miss. Count on Liberty Property Inspections, Inc. to determine the true condition of your property, as well as the problem areas that need to be addressed.

Equipped to Inspect Any Building

We're available to work with buildings of all shapes and sizes, from homes and rental properties to offices and other workspaces. Our inspectors even conduct pool assessments for residential and commercial properties. No matter what type of property you have or what problems you're concerned about, we're here to help. Contact us to learn more about our work and ask any questions you may have about our property inspection services.

Rental Property Inspections

When you’re renting a property, you should consider an inspection to ensure you’re leasing a residence that’s safe for occupation. It’s also important that rental properties are inspected before signing a contract to note any concerns you have. If you run into issues after move-in, there may not be a record of repairs required. A rental property inspection is a smart decision when you’re committing yourself and your family to a residence for an extended time. No one likes to discover issues after they’ve moved all their possessions and settled into their new home.

When we complete home and termite inspections for any property, we ensure that you’re protected before buying or committing to a rental agreement. The inspection provides you with an opportunity to refuse the purchase or lease. It also provides a record of assessment that can prompt the property management company to complete requested repairs or upgrades if you agree to the terms. A home and a termite inspection is your guarantee you did your due diligence and protected your rights as a home buyer or renter. There are no absolute assurances in life, but a home or rental property inspection comes pretty near to supplying the support you need.